27 November 2018
Leading MSOs declare carriage as time for enforcement of TRAI regulations on broadcasting draws near
Given that the date of compliance of the TRAI Regulations draws closer the last date for which is 29.11.2018. The top Multi System Operators (MSOs) of the country such as Hathway Cable & Datacom, DEN Networks, Siti Networks, IndusInd Media and Communications Ltd (InDigital), GTPL Hathway, and Fastway Transmission have gone on to make public their respective Carriage reference interconnect offer, network capacity fee, the channel carrying capacity and list of channels being offered by them in different regions. Out of all the channels, maximum channel carrying capacity by an Operator for a particular region is Hathway for Bengaluru which is 506 channels. In terms of the new Regulations, the carriage charge has been capped at 20 paise for SD channels and 40 paise for HD channels. The carriage fee is calculated as target markets active subscriber base x carriage rate. It helps the bigger players that in terms of the new law, any Operator having over 20% average active subscriber base do not have to pay carriage fee. The complete information can be accessed from the website of the MSOs.