06 December 2018
Penalty for Cruelty to Animals to be hiked by 120 times
The Central Government is taking steps to amend the animal welfare laws and have finally taken the decision to amnend the highest fine of cruelty towards animals from a paltry penalty of Rs. 50 to a more respectable sum of Rs. 6000. The same will be done following a draft amendment to the Prevention of Creulty to Animals Act, 1960. Considering that the present penalty has was on the basis of 1960 prices, the current penalty amount of Rs. 50 is not sufficient deterrent to prevent people from indulging into cruelty towards animals, the reported cases of which have seen a rapid rise in this day and age of internet and social media. The move from the Government comes as a big win for activists who have tirelessly campaigned for the same. The amendment is also in line with various directions from the Hon’ble Supreme Court on the subject matter in its judgment in case titled Animal Welfare Board vs. A Nagaraja and Others in 2014 wherein it has been stated to provide an effective deterrent for violations of Section 11 of the PCA alongwith adequate punishment and penalty.