23 April 2018
Relief by Director General of Anti Dumping to importers of Digital Offset Printing Plates in April 2018; K&T Law Offices appeared for an interested party against Domestic Giant and sole producer of the Product
The Director General of Anti Dumping (“DGAD”) has removed the levy of Anti Dumping Duty (“ADD”) on Digital Offset Printing Plates which has come as a major relief for importers of the Product. In a Petition filed by the sole producer of the said product in 2011, the DGAD had imposed the ADD on the said product being imported from China claiming that China was dumping the said product in the Indian Market. Subsequently after expiry of five years of the duty, the DGAD initiated an enquiry in order to decide whether imposition of ADD is necessary and interested parties filed their comments and counter comments. In its findings the DGAD was pleased to note that the likelihood of recurrence on injury on withdrawal of the ADD are not supported by price trends and the continuance of ADD is not warranted despite strong opposition by the sole domestic producer of the said product. This removal of ADD is a victory for importers of the product whose businesses were rendered unviable due to the imposition of such duty. K&T Law Offices represented one such interested party and assisted the Ld. Authority to arrive at the present findings.